Other Programs


There are additional vital areas woven into the fabric of how our program operates; these areas include:

: Here residents are encouraged to give their best through a daily grading system designed to critique the whole person. We operate under a “token economy” where privileges are assigned a token value.

Visits: Visits are encouraged. Visitors are limited to your son’s close relatives. Your son must purchase this privilege with earned tokens, therefore planning is vital to the successful visit. Transportation costs, supervision and pre-arranged return times to the Ranch are your responsibility. Overnight accommodations may be arranged.

Parent Participation: Visits and Family Resolves in which all take part are included in this program. Parents are required to come for the bi-annual Family Resolve weekends. These weekends include workshops, small group discussions, consultation with Family Mentors, and opportunity to interact with staff and other parents.

Parent Cooperation: For program to be successful, full cooperation on the part of the parent is vital. Treatment will be terminated at any stage if such cooperation breaks down.

Discharge: Planning for the return of your son to the home is accomplished through joint planning between the parent and your Family Mentor at the ranch.