Program Dimensions


The Treatment for Teens include:

: Our staff provides a healing environment for the scarred and damaged youth.

Social: Anti-social behaviors are addressed generally through our highly structured Relational/Behavioral/Consequential Program. Building social relationship based on character development is stressed.

: The ministry of the Flying H Youth Ranch is Biblically based and focuses on helping the entire family.  We believe that the marriage relationship is to be between one man and one woman and our ministry to the boys is predicated upon this truth. Since we also believe that life begins at conception, and at that moment our sexuality is determined, we strive to help young men learn to develop and express their manhood in a godly manner.

FamiliesSpiritual: A Biblical philosophy is fostered for residents to integrate into their personal value system, which provides a foundationfor present and future family relationships.

Vocational: Residents have options in automotive technology, culinary, life skills, photography, and metal machining fabrication. Residents are aided in the discovery of their aptitudes and given work experience opportunities. A strong work ethic is modeled and taught.

: Classes are held on the Ranch. Our program offers a strong student/teacher ratio. A nine (9) month traditional classroom approach is used. The summer offers one (1) full credit in “Outdoor Education”, films & field trips make use of community resources.

FishingRecreational: Program activities offered include gym time, pool, volleyball, soccer and swimming. Our location provides excellent opportunity for involvement in camping. The activities during our Camps for Troubled Youth include:  backpacking, snow camps and the highlight of the year, an eight (8) day survival hike, similar to teen boot camps.

Are you looking for a program that addresses: Alcohol Addiction, Teenage Depression, Teenage Drug Abuse, Boys Boot Camps, Troubled Youth Schools, Treatment for Teens? Look no further, the Flying H Youth Ranch is here for your consideration.


The Flying H Youth Ranch is a Christian residential program for teenage boys who are struggling within their families.