Ben and Autumn Creach

We quit our jobs in construction and medical reception shortly after the birth of our first son in March of 2011 because we wanted to serve in a ministry as a family. We love working with youth, living in community and being in the mountains, so after interning at the Ranch for the summer of 2011 we were excited to answer the call and come on as permanent staff in March of 2012. Since being here we’ve grown from a family of 3 to 5, and enjoy raising our boys in the fresh mountain air with lots of hiking and camping nearby to enjoy as a family. Ben very much enjoys being able to hunt close to home, and he get to enjoy his outdoor hobbies (ie-camping, fishing, backpacking) while ministering to the boys in the program. Ben also helps with maintenance of vehicles/buildings and teaching a construction class. Autumn has enjoyed helping in the office, as well as the various domestic duties (cooking/cleaning) and teaching boys how to make cheesecakes in a culinary class. We’ve been so blessed to be part of God working in the lives of these boys and their families, and that we both get to apply our humble schooling and work/life experiences, and get to raise our family in this beautiful place.