Jim and Patty Fried

Moving to the Flying H with a young family in 1984, Jim and Patty are now the senior citizens of the Ranch.  Although Jim began his service here as the elementary teacher for the staff and community Nile Christian School (which currently operates as a home school coop), he became a full-time Hope Academy (resident boys) math teacher and youth service worker in 1998.  In 2003 he took on the role of Family Services Director as well.  When inquiring parents call the Ranch, Jim is their first contact.  He then works with the family until the young man actually arrives and he is assigned a staff mentor.

Patty has always enjoyed the food service and hospitality angle of the Ranch.  For many years, however, she added that to an English teaching schedule.  When she took on the Domestic Services directorship in 2008, she pulled out of full-time teaching in order to focus on the kitchen needs.  She gets her English fix by continuing to teach public speaking, poetry, and grammar one day a week .  She also organizes and is one of the teachers in a weekly culinary class.  All five of the Frieds’ children graduated from high school here on the Flying H and continued on to more education and marriage.  The family has now expanded from 7 to 29 with 5 spouses and 17 grandchildren.  The Flying H is much more than a job to the Frieds; it is home.