Vocational Programs


Many of our young men are creative learners and more hands-on in their approach. The Flying H Youth Ranch provides many opportunities in motivating our students with hands-on learning, as an extension to our regular education program. Our young men learn practical skills in our vocational program serve to better equip them for the workforce.

Learning to Value Hard Work through a Wide Variety of Professional Trades

Vocational education is one of the great strengths of the Flying H Youth Ranch program. Hard work is highly valued at the ranch. The boys gain confidence, build character, and develop life skills through voluntary work projects, which are in addition to regular chores. Our boys will have the opportunities to learn a variety of trades.

The wide variety of trades includes:

Culinary Program
Outdoor Education
Personal Fitness/PE
Welding and Metal Shaping
Wood Shop

Building Skills for a Productive Future

The ranch itself provides some industries for the boys, such as the cattle and hay operations, welding/wood working, and farming, to name just a few. The boys gain marketable skills and a real sense of accomplishment from these endeavors.