Introduction to Videography is designed to give students the opportunity to create presentations using Videography — the process of recording sound and visual images on electronic media along with post production video editing. Students develop skills in video production using the technologies of audio-video equipment and computer-based editing software. These are implemented to produce digital media projects for all areas of everyday life. Principles of video basics, the development and creative process, editing, production, effects and presentation are stressed. Opportunities for creativity, problem solving, individual and group interaction, and decision making are incorporated.

Learn to:

  • organize and manage files that will be used in the project
  • locate and use still pictures from the web and other sources
  • import pictures and sounds
  • arrange pictures on a timeline
  • insert transitions between the pictures
  • create titles, credits and text overlays
  • apply video effects to pictures
  • save movies in various formats
  • burn DVDs with menus

Other Goals:

  • Promote basic understanding of videography concepts and techniques
  • Learn basic video editing terminology
  • Develop skill in the preparation of video editing in a technological and global society
  • Apply high standards of communication in the preparation of video editing projects
  • Foster ethics and attitudes to ensure personal, group, and career achievements
  • Practice oral, written and tutorial (written, audio, video types) directions

Example of the students’ work: