Our wonderful residents are the reason we’re here. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us:

A Coach’s Journey to the Final 50-yard line” – the story of Joe Kennedy, a former resident of Flying H Youth Ranch

“The last few months of this program have been some of the happiest months of my entire life. I haven’t counted the days, or lost sleep from being so anxious, I have enjoyed the time here and found the more I gave, the more I received. The Flying H Youth Ranch has changed my life in such enormous ways. I have found peace in these halls and my spirit was renewed tenfold.

I have re-established a strong and healthy relationship both in communication and trust with my father. My sister and I are both loving siblings and the best of friends, and I look forward to being a positive and firm footed role model for my little brother Gianni because I have learned now, how important it is to get things right when you are young. The ranch is a safe haven in this valley and has served as a perfect shield for me to use until I get my feet back on the ground. I pray numerous times, “Lord please give me the strength and patience to finish this day.” And I have learned that here; for I believe that it is not our yesterdays or tomorrows that we should focus on, but our today’s.

Because when we get too caught up in future planning or old memories from the past, we forget our purpose, and lose sight of the goal at hand. Through Flying H Youth Ranch I have had time to study my past, and have hope for tomorrows; but seeing both: achievements and mistakes, that can potentially come, I have learned that you cannot become bitter because of your past, because you have to embrace it, and use it in your future.”Anthony H., former resident

“When I first arrived at the Flying H Youth Ranch I was defiant, depressed, and on the road to destruction. Within a year and a half my life had changed dramatically. I became a man longing to learn about God, full of potential and life. The ranch was one of the hardest times in my life as I had to learn and realize what I’d become. I look back on the ranch almost daily and 5 years later I’m still telling my wife stories. (So this one time at the ranch…) The ranch saved my life and my soul.”Cory I., Former resident

“I miss the Flying H. I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t got there. God bless the staff for all they do.” – Josh S., former resident

“I thank God everyday for putting me at the ranch. Thank you to all the staff who were and still are an impact in my life. Miss this place!” Robert P., former resident