Placement in our program is the culmination of a screening process that includes the following steps: 


You are encouraged to call us (509-658-2990) to get more information about our program and to help us to determine if we might be a good fit for your high school aged son,  and for us to answer questions you might have.
The application can be downloaded from our website. We ask that you be thorough and be sure to include all additional information that is listed on the cover letter.  Applications can be mailed or emailed (note email is not secure – use your own discretion with this option).


Upon receiving a completed application, it is reviewed here to determine if the needs of the prospective resident match-up well with what we have to offer as a program. This review evaluates the presented needs from an educational, social, and emotional aspect.


As a follow-up to reviewing the application, a telephone interview is conducted, where clarification and further discussion takes place in order to explore, in greater detail, the circumstances and events leading up to requesting placement.


At the conclusion of the phone interview, a determination is made as to whether a face-to-face interview is warranted. If it is apparent that the needs and our program are not a good matchup, a referral will be made to help find a program that better addresses the needs of the family. If the needs seem to match well with what we have to offer as a program, a face-to-face interview is set-up.


This interview is the follow-up to the phone interview, and is the final stage of screening. It is at the conclusion of this interview that a decision is made as to whether the family will be accepted into the program. Having an interview does not mean the family has been accepted. It does serve, however, as the last hurdle to clear in the admissions process. If placement is appropriate, the boy can be admitted immediately to the program, and he will stay on the same day as the interview. Normally a family emphasis time will be planned ahead, and the whole family will spend 1 to 1 ½ days here at the beginning of the program. If this is not feasible, that time will be scheduled at a later date and the boy will enter the program at the first interview. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Because of the nature of our program, we will not arrange tours or visits until we have progressed through the above stated process to the point of the Interview/Intake stage.


– Family Services Director


To continue the process for consideration of placement of your son (entry age 14-16 1/2) , please return the following items to us:

  1. Download and thoroughly complete the Flying H Ranch pdf application package or the Word application package
  2. A thorough biography:
    • Describing behavior
    • Personality
    • Significant events
  3. Recent family photo (within 1 year)
  4. A copy of your son’s official school transcripts
  5. A copy of your current 1040 Tax Return
  6. A separate Personal Data Inventory form completed by each parent and one by your son.

An incomplete application package will delay the process. Please be sure to include all requested information.

“Since 1962 it has been our mission to help troubled boys overcome their self-destructive patterns and reconcile with the Lord Jesus Christ and their families. Therefore, our program is centered on the gospel of Christ and His/our ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor 5:17). As such our program is designed to help young men with a variety of conditions, challenges and experiences. We believe that every person can enjoy an abundant life in Christ and experience the faith, hope and love found only in a relationship with Jesus. However, this program also has its limits in that we take the safety and security of our boys very seriously. Therefore, in some cases we will not accept boys into our program who threaten the safety of themselves, other boys and the staff as well as those who suffer from extreme psychological or learning disorders. It is our firm belief that all children deserve the help needed in order to overcome these difficult issues. Thus, we place our faith in God that He will provide this help through other programs more catered to meet their specialized needs.”


At our Boys Ranch, we have had boys and staff from nearly every state in the US and have also had boys in our program from other countries such as Germany (U.S. Army Base), Kazakhstan (adopted age 6), Liberia (adopted age 12) & Russia (several that have been adopted). These boys have struggled with: Alcohol Addiction, Teenage Depression, Teenage Drug abuse. Our Treatment for Teens include: a Boys Boot Camp like setting at times when we are out in the woods on an 7-day hike, also, a Troubled Youth School to help catch boys up in their academics that they have let slide.
Non-Discrimination Policy
The Flying H Youth Ranch admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, programs and other school administered programs.