Caleb & Heather Brotherton


Hello, we would love to introduce ourselves! We are Caleb and Heather Brotherton. We are so excited and blessed to be on staff at the Ranch! The Ranch has had a huge impact on our family. In 2013, we adopted four siblings. The oldest had severe behavioral issues, which brought great turmoil upon our whole family. In our search to find our son the help and intervention that he needed, God graciously led us to the Flying H Youth Ranch! From our first visit with our son at the Ranch, we could feel God’s love, joy, and peace here as we got to know the staff and to see their hearts for the Lord and for these boys that they served so faithfully! From then on, we confidently reassured our son that there may be other places we could send him for help, but none would love him and point him to Christ like they do here!

We have spent our lives serving the Lord by loving and serving children and youth in a variety of capacities. We have both worked as full time teachers for many years, Caleb as a High School history teacher and Heather as an Elementary School teacher. Both of us have worked in youth ministry together on the Yakima Reservation where Caleb was a youth pastor. We have had the privilege of serving the Lord in many other capacities, including teaching Awana, teaching Sunday School, Directing Children’s ministry (Heather), leading worship and youth ministry (Caleb), and leading and hosting home groups and Bible studies. God has used all of these experiences to prepare us to love and serve the boys at the Ranch!

As staff at the Flying H, we serve in a variety of roles. Caleb teaches World History, Bible and Civics at Hope Academy, as well as working in youth services. Heather teaches Biology and cooks meals for the Ranch students. We feel very blessed to be called to such a wonderful and life changing ministry!