Josh & Lisa Francis

Family Service Director / Teacher

Joshua and Lisa Francis joined our staff in the summer of 2017. They moved here from Dallas, Texas, where Joshua received his Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. Before that, Joshua worked as a Youth Pastor for almost five years near Redding, California, where he had previously earned his B.A. in Bible and Theology. Josh was initially brought on to serve as our English teacher, putting his communication skills, years of grammar studies, and love of literature to good use. He now shares that task with his mom, who recently retired from teaching English in public high school for over forty years. In the summer, Josh is heavily involved in our outdoor programs, enjoying God’s creation while hiking, rafting, sailing, backpacking and camping. He is also now our Family Service Director. As such, he helps parents of potential students navigate the application process and brings applications before the leadership board. He also oversees the training and professional development of new mentors.

Lisa enjoys her work with the boys, cooking two or three meals a week. She is also tasked with some of the gardening around our Lodge. Aside from her cooking and gardening, she supports and encourages Josh in his walk with Christ and home-schools their three children, Eden, Titus, and Rowan. Lisa’s mom and step-dad have also retired and moved to the area. Her mom, Sheri, does much of the boys’ laundry and cleans some of our facilities. Her step-dad, Clint, has put his decades of accounting experience to use in the classroom as an assistant math teacher. He also tutors throughout the week and teaches one of our Bible classes.

Josh and Lisa share a passion to come alongside our boys and help shoulder the weight of their burdens, pointing the boys toward Jesus Christ’s redemptive work on the cross and in His resurrection.